Stamping my way to sanity, one card at a time!

Welcome To My Blog!!!

Well, I'm taking the leap!  I've been encouraged by friends and family for years to find a place where I can write!  I'm not sure anyone will read this, but it does give me an opportunity to write about one of the other things I love - Stamping!

I was introduced to stamping at an important time in my life.  I was working at a job I loved, I was the principal's secretary at an elementary school!  I love kiddos and got great joy from being around them.  My husband, Dan and I were in a horrific accident when a young man committed suicide by jumping in front of car as were we driving on the interstate one night.  I struggled a lot after that..  Seems that I had developed PTSD from the trauma.  I became paranoid about what could happen next to me or worse yet, my family.  We had already gone through several terrible events, including a murder of a dear friend, a near plane crash, loss of our daughter's best friend and a job loss that resulted in the loss of our home.  I found I couldn't concentrate at work or at home.  I startled at the smallest things and stopped sleeping because of the horrible nightmares I was having.  My hobby that I was doing at that time, was counted cross stitch and I couldn't do that anymore.  I couldn't seem to concentrate enough count the stitches!  I did end up with some injuries that eventually led to me being put on medical disability.  I fought that, but an intervention with my boss and Dan brought that to a head.  Now I was going to be home all day...  Ihad trouble reading, something I still love to do, but I was struggling there too!  I was in pain a lot and had a lot of Doctor appointments, but that certainly didn't fill up my day, or take my mind off how that split second had changed everything in my life.  I didn't have grandkids yet.  

There was a winter carnival at the school and Dan and I went so I could see everyone and hang around the kids.  You can't be sad when you're around kids having a good time.  There was a parent there who had a table with a quick "make n take" stamped card.  Her name was Cindy Strain.  I had met her several times and knew her son.  Dan, saw I was having a good time with this and insisted that I place an order with her that night.  Little did I know what an impact that little make-n-take would have on my life.  Cindy and I became friends, my first "post accident" friend.  A friend that didn't miss the "old Jan".  Cindy and I became such a team - teaching stamping classes and doing so much more together.  So, I found a new hobby, that I loved, and that I could actually concentrate enough to do and found a life-long friend!

Even though we live in different cities now, we still talk often about stamping and about our amazing grandkids.  

So, I had this incredible new hobby.  There was so much to learn  - so many toys...  Of course, it was 1999 and there are a whole lot more now!  What I immediately loved about stamping - it made me feel like an artist!  Now this is something I had never felt before.  I always felt crafty with several craft forays in the past, but this was a new feeling.  Plus, I loved sending cards - birthday, holidays, thanks, thinking of you, whatever.  Now I could make something that I could use, something that I could share with people I cared about.  I  have always felt that sending a card that I made said even more than just the words I had written inside the card.  

What I hope to achieve with this blog, hmm.  Yes, there is the writing and sharing.  But I'm hoping to share the things I've learned about stamping.  The tools I've discovered that are working well for me.  Techniques that I love.  How I developed some of the designs I have.   I feel that having an Etsy shop has brought me many opportunities - not just to sell my creations - but learning opportunites and a renewal of that part of me that has always loved learning.  So maybe there will be things in this blog about things I have learned about Etsy, e-marketing and SEO's (I have only just learned what that stood for - Searh Engine Operations)  Who knew???

Well - I think that's enough for now!  Maybe just the beginning but I think you may start to understand while I am -

"Stamping my way to sanity, one card at a time!"

Smiles -



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